Chelonia 2002

Seventh European Freshwater Turtle Breeders Convention


organized by CHELONIA 2002 Freshwater Turtle Breeding Center

Neu-Ulm, Germany, April 26-28, 2013



Location:        Schildkroeten- und Reptilienzoo Neu-Ulm

                       Brunnenweg 46

                       89231 Neu-Ulm / Ludwigsfeld

                       phone: +49 (0)163 / 5346093






Gerald Fuchs



Please register with Harald Artner -


Attendance fees: the entrance fee is appr. Euro 40 for the whole event and includes entrance fee to the reptile zoo and dinner on Friday and Saturday and lunch on Sunday. Beverages are not included. The symposium itself is free of charge!


Important: Conference language will be English. Talks given in German or other languages will be simultaneously translated. Note that participation cannot be guaranteed without prior registration! For information about accommodation please contact Gerald Fuchs






Preliminary Program



Friday, April 26


19:00   Meeting and dinner.

Location: Schildkroeten- und Reptilienzoo Neu-Ulm, address see above.


20:30   News about the South American sideneck turtle genus Mesoclemmys – Jan MICHELS, Kiel, Germany










Saturday, April 27


09:15   Welcome speech – Harald ARTNER, Gerald FUCHS & Karl-Heinz WOGRIN


            International workshop on Kinosternidae


09:00   Overview on the turtle family Kinosternidae with a focus on the rare species – Walter SACHSSE, Mainz, Germany


09:15   Keeping and Breeding the Florida Mud Turtle Kinosternon subrubrum steindachneri – Andreas HOFER, Krenglbach, Austria


09: 45  The White-lipped Mud Turtle Kinosternon leucostomum. A report on its maintenance in captivity with regular breeding success – Gerald FUCHS, Kaufbeuren, Germany


10:15   Coffee break


10:45   Diapause in eggs of some Mexican Mud Turtles (Kinosternon acutum, Kinosternon creaseri, Kinosternon herrerai): how to break it, how to avoid it, and how to deal with the problem of almost exclusive breeding of females – Harald ARTNER, Sitzenberg-Reidling, Austria


11:30   Keeping and breeding the Pacific Coast Giant Musk Turtle Staurotypus salvinii – Maik SCHILDE, Leipzig, Germany


12:00   My experiences in maintenance and breeding of the Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle Claudius angustatus and the Mexican Giant Musk Turtle Staurotypus triporcatus – Joan LLEBARIA, Barcelona, Spain


12:30   Lunch break and opportunity to visit the reptile facilities of the zoo.


14:00   Keeping and breeding the Loggerhead Musk Turtle Sternotherus minor minor – Arnold FRAUENEDER, St. Agatha, Austria


14:30   One, two or three forms? The Tabasco Mud Turtle Kinosternon acutum: how to recognize and how to breed them – Gerhard WIDMANN, Mauerbach, Austria


15:00   Presentation of live specimens of almost all species of the turtle genus Kinosternon – Gerald FUCHS, Kaufbeuren, Germany & Karl-Heinz WOGRIN, Neu-Ulm, Germany


16:00   Introduction to a possible new identification key to (adult specimens of) the species of the turtle genus Kinosternon – Harald ARTNER, Sitzenberg-Reidling, Austria


16:30   Examination and species determination of live specimens of the genus (in small   groups of 4 - 6 persons) Kinosternon and development of a new key to the species, part I – Harald           ARTNER, Reidling,   Austria, Gerald FUCHS, Kaufbeuren, Germany, Andreas HOFER, Krenglbach, Austria, Walter SACHSSE, Mainz, Germany, Maik SCHILDE, Leipzig, Germany,          Benjamin STURLESE, Treviso, Italy, and Gerhard            WIDMANN, Mauerbach, Austria.


19:00   Dinner


21:00   Examination and species determination of live specimens of the genus Kinosternon and development of a new key to the species, part II









Sunday, April 28


09:15   Keeping and breeding the Ryukyu Leaf Turtle Geoemyda japonica – Gerhard WIDMANN, Mauerbach, Austria


09:45   News about my breeding project for freshwater turtles in Ecuador – Ferry GRUENEWALD, Zaandam, The Netherlands


10:15   Coffee break


10:30   Breeding McCordÕs Snake-neck Turtle Chelodina mccordi mccordi – Oliver ROEMPP, Dewangen, Germany


11:15   Breeding the Yucatan Box Turtle Terrapene yucatana – Harald ARTNER, Sitzenberg-Reidling, Austria


12:00   Lunch


13:00   Examination and species determination of live specimens of the genus Kinosternon and development of a new key to the species, part III



End of the conference at approximately 15:00.

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